Solar Energy Info

Code Electric Inc. is proud to promote the newest solar energy leading company RS Energy.


Solar is the right thing to do

**A typical home system saves 2.5 metric tons of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to the emissions of 283 gallons of gasoline

Totally clean energy source

Electricity from your utility is getting more expensive

**Solar allows you to lock in a low fixed price

Imagine if you locked in the price of gasoline 20 years ago

Gain Energy Independence

**Installing solar means we rely less on imported energy sources

Solar is simple and effective in Oregon

Proven technology backed by a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on the panels, 10 years on the   inverter and a 10 year installation warranty

**No moving pieces and few fail points

**We take care of all the incentive documentation, paperwork, and permits

**Oregon gets plenty of sunshine to make solar work

Why RS Energy?

Our commitment is to make your switch to solar Simple, Enjoyable and Cost Effective

RS Energy was founded with one basic goal–make solar simple and affordable.

It is our hope that you will allow us to come over, assess your solar potential, talk about your goals and objectives, answer any questions, and deliver our proposal. Talk to several installers; we are confident that you will like what we have to offer and that we will exceed your expectations each step of the way.

Proven Track Record

RS Energy installed over  1,000,000 watts of solar energy in 2011. We were honored to be chosen as a SunRun installation partner, Sierra Club of Oregon installer, and Solarize Salem installer.

Low Price

We offer one of the lowest turn-key prices in the industry. Before you choose another installer, make sure to get a proposal from us. It is free and we can very likely get you much more energy savings for your money.

Top Rated Products

We offer top rate proven solar modules, inverters, and racking.

Fast Installation Timeline

When you decide to switch to solar, we want you to start producing solar energy as soon as possible. With RS Energy, there is no need to wait in a long queue waiting for your installation. We will diligently work to get all your permits and approvals processed so we can start your installation. Most of our installations are completed in within 5-6 weeks of contract signing. Call RS Energy to discuss your project’s timeline today.

We Communicate with You:

We assign a dedicated project manager and customer experience manager to be your point of contact at each stage in the process. We realize that keeping you informed and consulted all along the way is one of the best indicators for a successful project. We want you to be proud of your system and excited to tell your friends about what a great job we did.

10 year warranty:

10 year installer warranty which includes workmanship and our roof penetrations.

25 year manufacturer’s limited module warranty

10 year manufacturer’s limited inverter warranty

Want to learn more about RS Energy?

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E -mail:

Phone: 503-752-2885

20915 SW 105th Avenue

Tualatin, Oregon 97062 - 9511